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"How to Prepare for a Professional Business Headshot: Tips for Looking Your Best"

A professional headshot can be very beneficial in the world of business. A great headshot will convey trust, professionalism, and helps illustrate your personality.

What to Wear

Wearing the right type of clothing or uniform helps reinforce the integrity of your business. Many people choose a suit and tie for a professional corporate look but if your business has a more casual atmosphere then something else might be more appropriate. If your company has a specific uniform or shirt with a visible logo you might want to consider wearing that for your photo shoot. In general, whatever style you go with, simple is best. For example, solid colours are less distracting than prints and patterns. No matter what your skin tone or complexion is, dressing in lighter colours will always bring more attention to your body. We usually recommend going with a darker coloured top which will bring more attention to your face. It’s also a good idea to wear pants and shoes that go with your outfit because in some of the photos the rest of your body might be visible in the photos.

Grooming and Hairstyle

When it comes to putting you best look forward, there are a few things to remember. If your planning on getting a haircut, it’s best to get it a week or so before your photo session so it looks natural. They say the only difference between a good or bad haircut is about a week, so if you end up with the latter, you’ll be just fine. It doesn’t hurt to allow a little extra time to make you sure you hair is styled in a way that you like for your photo session and, if necessary, trim nose, ear, and eyebrow hair to clean up any distractions. If you usually wear make up, it’s a good idea to wear it a little heavier than usual for your photos to ensure a fresh vibrant look. Last but not least, remember to make sure you teeth are clean and free of any food debris and your face is clean for a shine free look.

Following these tips will help you look and feel your best ensuring a business headshot that reveals your professionalism to the world.

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