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"Tips for Choosing Photo Locations in Edmonton and Area"

Updated: May 23

A family posing for a photo by their old car in the Edmonton River Valley.
A family photo by Viewpoint Photography in Edmonton's River Valley.

When choosing an outdoor photo location for your next family photo here are a few ideas to consider to help things go smoothly. Your first step will be to decide on a setting. Do you envision a natural setting with grass and trees or something more modern with a building and steps etc. Once you have determined the type of look you want, here are a few other points to keep in mind:

Accessibility - First of all think about who is going to be in the photos. Is the photo location hard to get to? How far do you have to walk? If the location is a bit challenging to get to like a ravine or rocky area you may want to skip it if you have young children or older adults that might be challenged by the terrain. Talk with your photographer beforehand at the photo consultation about the area and make sure it will be suitable for your family. 

Parking and meeting point - Parking can sometimes be an issue at busy parks and outdoor areas, so it's good to arrive a few minutes early especially if you are not familiar with the photo location. Also, plan ahead with your photographer so you know exactly where to meet to avoid confusion before you even start.

Popular vs quiet area - Is the portrait location in a popular or busy spot or is it in an area that is quiet and less busy? It’s typically better to do a photo session in a quiet area with less distractions if possible. Also, your family may feel more relaxed with less people around when having their photos taken.

Choosing an outdoor photo location is generally easy with an experienced photographer. At your planning meeting your photographer will show you samples of great locations that they are familiar with to help you decide on the perfect spot for your next outdoor family photo! 

A family posing for a photo at the Alberta Legislature Building.
A family photo by Viewpoint Photography at the Alberta Legislature Building.

Here is a list of popular photo locations in and around the Edmonton Area.

Photo Locations in Edmonton

Almost anywhere in the Edmonton River Valley is a great spot for a natural looking family portrait.

Definitely one of the most popular spots but for good reason. The Alberta Legislature Building makes a great backdrop, and the surrounding grounds are always well groomed.

A popular park with a beautiful lake and natural areas along the Edmonton River Valley.

A great natural area with walking trails located just off the Whitemud freeway close to the Snow Valley Ski Club. 

A family sitting on a wooden fence at Whitemud Park in Edmonton, Alberta.
A family photo by Viewpoint Photography at Whitemud Park.

Centrally located, the Government House is a great spot for family and wedding photography. Also, there is a park area that surrounds the grounds. 

A nice spot on the University of Alberta campus. The front of the building provides a dramatic backdrop with a mix of the building and flowers and trees.

Fort Edmonton Park - Heritage park with recreated architecture from Edmonton's past.

University of Alberta Botanic Garden - Located 25 km southwest of Edmonton, this 240-acre park has a wide variety of trees, plants and themed areas including the stunning Japanese Garden.

Photo Locations in Sherwood Park

A nice park area with a little pond and covered bridge.

Centrally located in Sherwood Park the Broadmoor Lake park area around Festival Place features a small pond and trails.

A young boy and girl standing on the grass posing for a photo at the St. Albert Botanic Park.
A family photo by Viewpoint Photography at the St. Albert Botanic Park.

Photo Locations in St.Albert

A nice garden area that is very well maintained. There are many different spots in the garden and also along the Sturgeon River.

Right beside St. Albert’s downtown area lies Millenium Park, and the St. Albert Children’s Bridge. In the same area there is also the large wooden St. Albert Trestle Bridge which is a great backdrop for family photos.

A family posing for a photo in front of the St. Albert Trestle Bridge.
A family photo by Viewpoint Photography at the St. Albert Trestle Bridge.

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