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"Why Hire a Professional Photographer for your Family Photos in Edmonton"

A family of five sitting on a wooden fence in the fall.

Hiring a professional photographer for your family photos goes beyond just capturing images; it's about creating lasting memories with a personal touch. One key advantage of enlisting a professional is the planning meeting that takes place before the photo shoot. This meeting is not just a logistical step; it's an opportunity for the photographer to understand the unique dynamics and personality of your family. Discussing clothing choices is a crucial part of this meeting, as it ensures that the attire complements the location and the overall aesthetic of the shoot, avoiding any visual distractions in the final images.

A mother and father holding the hands of their toddler walking down a pathway.

Getting to know your family allows the photographer to capture the essence of your relationships in a natural and authentic way. They can identify interactions and moments that are meaningful to you and make sure these are reflected in the photographs.

Edmonton offers a variety of beautiful backdrops, from urban settings to natural landscapes, and a professional photographer will have insights into the best spots that match the style and mood you're aiming for. A professional photographer’s expertise in selecting the perfect location adds a significant value to the outcome.

Having a professional at your side means you have an expert to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. Whether it's concerns about the weather, timing, or how to prepare your kids, your photographer can offer solutions and tips to ensure everything goes smoothly. This level of personal investment and attention to detail is something that's hard to achieve without a professional, making it a worthwhile consideration for families looking to capture their moments in a way that's both beautiful and meaningful.

A formally dressed extended family including children, parents, grandparents and their family dog standing together in front of the Government House in Edmonton, Alberta.

There are many other reasons to hire a professional photographer instead of someone with a “good camera”.  Having the right equipment is a good start, but only a small part of creating a great family.

Most professional photographers are formally educated in photography and are usually accredited in one or more photography specialties, like portrait, wedding, or commercial photography. They often continue their education by belonging to a professional photography association like the Professional Photographers of Canada or Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

A family of four holding hands walking together on a pathway.

A professional photographer will be experienced with working with people of all ages. They will know how to pose small to large family groups, use flattering, lighting, and work quickly to get many great shots in a short amount of time.

Another reason to work with a professional photography studio is the service they provide after your photo session. A good photography studio will retouch your family photos to enhance them and make them perfect. This will include retouching, colour correction, and removal of any background distractions.  Also, a professional photography studio will offer a selection of products, including printing, enlargements, albums, wall, portraits, and framing.

A family of five standing together in front of a train trestle.

In conclusion the best reason to hire a professional photographer is to save time and money. Most families don’t often have the opportunity to have a professional photo so it’s important to capture it perfectly the first time. So for the best results for your next family portrait, hire a pro and make it easy! 

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